The All Time Top 10 Timeless Engagement Ring Ideas

Top 10 Timeless Engagement Ring Ideas

When they say, “diamonds are forever,” it might be part of a slick marketing campaign–but there’s plenty of truth to the statement. Therefore, when brainstorming the best engagement ring ideas, you should have “forever” on the brain. Succumbing to what’s trendy could lead to heartache down the road, so ideally, you should choose a ring design that’s stood the test of time. After all, true love is timeless, and your engagement ring ideas should reflect that. Read on as we discuss the top ten timeless engagement ring ideas:

Timeless Engagement Ring Ideas #1: The Solitaire

The simplicity of solitaire-style engagement rings means the design focuses on doing one thing exceptionally well: emphasizing the diamond’s overall beauty. Thus, the band will be more straightforward and less flashy. Common band designs are twisted metal ropes or cathedral windows, but you aren’t limited to those options. Typically, though, polished gold is the design feature of these traditional rings. It’s also possible to better accentuate this style by looking for engagement ring ideas with embellished designs. They don’t need to be too complicated. Personalizing the diamond’s shape is another option, in which case a round cut is the safest choice.

Timeless Engagement Ring Ideas #2: Pave Diamond

A traditional pave design is an offshoot of the solitaire, adding eye-catching diamond accents that look paved into the stone. This enduring design is stunning, benefitting from more muted customizations that accentuate its ultra-feminine aesthetic.

Timeless Engagement Ring Ideas #3: The Diamond Halo

Timeless Engagement Ring Ideas
In this example, timelessness gets a bit of a tuneup. The diamond halo ring design provides a modern wrinkle to the classic solitaire. Yet, the diamond halo maintains its traditional, longstanding appeal because it’s constructed to create the illusion of a larger center stone. The desire for diamonds that look more sizeable and extravagant will never disappear, making this timeless suggestion one of our best engagement ring ideas.

Timeless Engagement Ring Ideas #4: Three Stones

The symbolism behind the three-stone engagement ring design revolves around timelessness. Respectively, each stone represents the past, present, and future. They highlight how the love forging a marriage is eternal, lasting longer than life itself. Aesthetically, the three captivating stones offer a pleasing harmony that’s satisfied brides-to-be in the past and present, and we can only assume the future.

Timeless Engagement Ring Ideas #5: Round Cut

Round-cut engagement ring settings almost mirror that of the solitaire ring style. Still, there’s one crucial difference–the rounded center stone that yields maximum light reflection. Like most timeless styles, round cuts don’t over-complicate things, focusing on simplified sleekness and beauty. Suitable for this style are center stones and elegant, understated bands. It’s worth pointing out that even if a diamond cut does seem overly trendy and like it may lose its relevance, it will have its day in the sun again. For instance, the marquise-cut engagement rings famous in the 70s all but died out by the 90s. Now, they’re back in vogue. So, as much as you don’t want to get sucked into trends, the best engagement ring ideas suit your tastes. If that means you get fancier cuts that seem trendy, don’t worry about timelessness–because you’ll always love the ring, making it timeless.

Timeless Engagement Ring Ideas #6: Emerald Cut

Ring Ideas Emerald Cut
Emerald cuts are vintage, but they’re equally distinctive and glamorous. The design focuses on clarity, utilizing facets shaped like rectangles. As such, if you’re prioritizing a diamond’s brilliance, this isn’t one of the best engagement ring ideas for you. With the emerald cut, brides-to-be will stand out from the crowd, regardless of the era.

Timeless Engagement Ring Ideas #7: White Gold Or Platinum

While the popularity of yellow and rose gold rings wavers up and down, platinum and white gold rings will always remain top of any “best engagement ring ideas” lists. Metal color is critical with jewelry. For instance, setting a white diamond into a yellow band gives it a warmer hue. This reaction might not be ideal based on your diamond of choice. Conversely, platinum or white gold doesn’t impact the color of the diamond. Practicality is timeless, a trait people always value–and white gold or platinum engagement rings are practical.

Timeless Engagement Ring Ideas #8: Sapphire With Diamond Halo

A sapphire engagement ring with a diamond halo is a more eclectic choice yet no less classic and timeless. On the subject of timelessness, this exquisite ring design etched its way into the history books via the elegant finger of Princess Diana. It’s now passed down to Kate Middleton, who wears it with style and grace.

Timeless Engagement Ring Ideas #9: Stackable Wedding Bands

Maybe you want to bolster your engagement ring ideas with some creative flourishes but still fear it can’t stand the test of time. Remember, it’s not just trends that change over time. It’s our personal tastes, too. A stacked band offers the perfect middle ground in the above scenario. This approach allows you to choose something more classic and traditional, like a solitaire ring, and enhance it with intricately-cut stones or colored metals. There’s more versatility here–because you can choose to only wear your wedding band or engagement ring on a given day when you want a more simplistic look.

Timeless Engagement Ring Ideas #10: Vintage Or Estate

Bygone eras are abundant in unique styles that always look incredible over the following decades. Thus, unsurprisingly, vintage rings from previous generations will always be fashionable. It’s possible to take trendier, highly stylized rings and add a sense of timelessness to them by taking a vintage approach. Even when flashy, vintage designs are purposeful and elegant, looking gorgeous no matter the era.

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